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The seven Enterran Generals are the most powerful Enterrans who led their species to destroy the human race. Yakumo and company only encountered the first four in the first timeline. The original Mushrambo who fell under influence of Lanancuras' evil, eventually killed by Yakumo's aura with the three gems that held his powers given to the three Enterrans that can combine into the current Mushrambo, was brought to the present by Rusephine to help her fight the current Golden Mushrambo, only to be killed by the Dark King Mushrambo who absorbed the powers of the other Generals to assume a dark angel form, who attacked with an "Energy Ray" and "Blue Flames of Torture". After a lengthy and horrific battle, the Dark King was finally killed by Hyper Mushra, Sago and Kutal, causing the timeline to change.

Lista dos Generais Edit

Mushrambo, Dark King

Daku, Insect King

Lord Ryuma, Reptile Lord

Rusephine, Bird Queen

Franken, King of the Sea Enterrans

Diehanger, King of the Wild Beast Enterrans

Kimylas, King of the Phantom Beast Enterrans