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Mushra in his regular form.

An Ex-Celestial Guardian and a main character of the series. He's a Fire elemental, humanoid enterran who represents the Phoenix and the South. Originally a Celestial Guardian, he became an Enterran so he could try to stop Lanancuras, without memory of his previous life. Along with Sago and Kutal he is the key to the transformation of Mushrambo.


When he first appears in the series, he is trapped hanging over a waterfall as punishment for impersonating a king. Yakumo sees him and decides to help him, using a rock to wear down the chain holding him. When she finally breaks the chain they both fall into the lake beneath the waterfall. Again, Yakumo saves him by bringing him to the surface. After this Mushra was about to leave, wanting to beat the guys who hung him up, but Yakumo stopped him, saying violence will only lead to more violence.


Hyper Mushra

He is seemingly the first Enterran Yakumo meets. Mushra immediately guesses that she is human and tells her that he doesn't hate her because of it- he had thought that humans were evil but she seemed to be a nice person. Once Yakumo reveals that she is going to Shinzo, Mushra immediately suggests that they travel together, offering to protect her from other Enterrans who might threaten her.

At the beginning of the series, Mushra is reckless and violent, not even hesitating to card and even destroy the cards of Enterrans who threaten Yakumo. Though this upsets Yakumo, he reasons that by destroying their cards he ensures they will never harm her or come after her again. Mushra and Yakumo argue and Yakumo slaps him, kicking him out of the group and saying that she couldn't bear to travel with someone who has violence in their heart. Mushra leaves the group for a time, but reunites with the group after rescuing them from a village of firefly Enterrans who had trapped them in an old theme park. As he defeats the giant firefly Tombo, Kutal and Sago panic, thinking that he would destroy Tombo's En-card and Yakumo would throw him out again, but he gives the card to Yakumo instead, stating that maybe the cards they collect will help them on their journey to Shinzo, showing that he has matured.

Later nearing the ending of the series, it is revealed that he is actually a celestial guardian. However, he sacrificed his immortality to defeat Lanancuras and was later reborn as an Enterran to fight him, when the meteor that has trapped Lanancuras crashes to Earth. After gaining his celestial form, Mushra eventually defeats Lanancuras with the help of the Guardians. After he flies Lanancuras out of the atmosphere, his card is later seen falling next to a lake. Mushra picks up his card and joins Yakumo in Shinzo.


Mushra is portrayed as childish and quick-tempered, especially at the beginning of the series, but as he spends more time with Yakumo he becomes more even-tempered and mature, even learning to show mercy to his defeated enemies. His hyper form seems to be more serious, but also more ruthless, than his normal form. He acts and smells like a monkey.

As the series progresses, Mushra's feelings for Yakumo become more and more evident. He'd do anything to save her, even when he, as Mushrambo, is posessed by dark card, his feelings for Yakumo still persist, as does his drive to keep her safe.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Hyper Enterran Mushra has the power to transform into a much stronger 'hyper' form. While in hyper form he possesses both incredible skill with his weapon in additon to a variety of various flame based attacks.

Later his En-card was enhanced along with Kutal and Sago's to give them all wings, dubbing his new form 'Ultra Hyper Mushra', and all his abilities were enhanced drastically.

  • "Hyper Flame!" Transformation to Hyper Mushra
  • Hyper Burn
    Img h mashura

    Mushra's Hyper Form.

    Ultra Hyper Mushra (Ep 18) 02

    Mushra's Ultra Hyper Form.

  • Inferno Blast
  • Flame Vortex
  • Heat Blast
  • Ultra Hyper Flame
  • Ultra Hyper Vortex Storm
  • Hyper Vortex of Fire
  • Hyper Fire Storm
  • Solar Blast
  • Fire of the Phoenix
  • Solar Missiles of Flames
  • Hyper Flame of Enterra
  • Fire Nova
  • Flaming Cross of the Phoenix
  • Flames of the the Phoenix

Celestial formEdit

Mushra's original form as a guardian of the universe is even stronger than Golden Mushrambo. He is able to fight toe to toe with Lanancuras even when the villain was able to overpower Mushrambo without injury.


  • In addition to the Pheonix of the South Motif, Mushra is an analogue for Sun Wukong as part of the 'Journey to the west' parallel in Shinzo.