Lord Ryuma is Lord of the Reptile Enterrans, and was one of the Seven Enterran Generals.


After the destruction of Gyasa, Lord Ryuma develop a plan to control Mushrambo, he order the creation of a black card able to take control of Mushrambo, he then summon Grandora, grandora was more powerful than mushra, sago and Kutal in hyperform, so they emerge together to form Mushrambo he then used the black card and controls Mushrambo, kidnaps Yakumo Tatsuro for the purpose of taking her as a bride and his prize the last human on earth  . He even used some snakes that coiled onto Yakumo which he converted into a wedding gown.

When he tried to marry her, Dark Mushrambo interrupted he tried to control him but his love for yakumo was so powerful that convined with the black card he became the spirit of destruction,proud as ryuma was he call grandora and tried to fight him but Dark mushrambo destroy grandora and ryumas palace along with all of his servents, ryuma did not accept defeated and absorbs grandora´s power but was defeated by Dark Mushrambo his last words were "once the spirit of destruction is released he will not stop until the world is complete destroy" realising that he could not beat him and he was being destroyed.