Lanancuras is the main villain of the series. He was once a Celestial Guardian tasked with the protection of the galaxy. After becoming power-hungry, he was sealed inside of a meteorite as punishment by Mushra, who gave up his immortality to do so. The guardians wished to rehabilitate Lanancuras, but his thirst for power and anger at his fate further drove him into darkness and he planned to one day come back and take his revenge. The meteorite was sent off into the galaxy to be sealed forever, but it was redirected to eventually crash on Earth.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As one of the Celestial Guardians, Lanancuras had immeasurable power, surpassing all Enterrans - even the normally unstoppable Mushrambo, who possessed the combined power of all the Royal Cards. Only Mushra himself returning to his Celestial form was able to match the traitor blow for blow, and needed the intervention of the other Guardians to help take him down permanently.

Unfortunately, Lanancuras was sealed and not destroyed originally for a reason: each Guardian is given a section of the universe to watch over and are connected to, for Lanancuras was connected to the Milky Way. Meaning that simply by fighting him caused chaos and destruction throughout the galaxy, if not for Yakumo and Mushra, both Earth and Enterra would both have been completely destroyed.