Serpent prince Gyasa is a power reptile type Enterran that Mushra and crew encounter. He uses a venomous bite from his snake like hair to turn Yakumo into stone and plunges her into an acid lake, given her enterran protectors only a limited time to save her from dissolving.

Gyasa starts off being outmatched by the three, but this soon changes as he grows stronger during the fight. He turns Kutal and Sago into cards but before he can do so to Mushra, the fire Enterran uses his friends' cards to become Mushrambo.

Knowing he would be beaten as he is weaker, Gyasa calls on dozens if not hundreds of snake enterrans to merge with him, transforming into his hyper form. Though powerful, his new abilities are no match for Earth's greatest champion and he is soundly defeated. He was more powerful than some kings of Enterra, he was ruthless, cruel and cold.


Venom Blast

Thunder Venom

Venom Steel

Reanimation (shed skin): Every time Gyasa is injured he could simply shed his skin to recover. In addition he would grow more powerful after each shedding

Veign Bolt

Stone Poison

Snake Blaster

Reflecting Armor (Hyper Form)

illusion (Hyper Form)

Hyper Venom (Hyper Form)

Viper Cannon (Hyper Form)

Spinning Snake Disc (Hyper Form)